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Party bands are the absolute heartbeat of All The Feels, and let’s get one thing straight – it’s all about the energy. We know that energy is key to an unforgettable party, so we don’t just bring 100% – we bring a whopping 110% energy to the room.

From our electrifying DJ Live performances to our show-stopping 14-piece showbands, we’ve got the skills and the know-how to crank up the energy and create the most mind-blowing, foot-stomping, let-loose-and-dance-like-nobody’s-watching kind of party you’ve ever imagined! 

At All The Feels, we’re not just here to play music; we’re here to spark a party explosion that will leave your guests talking about your celebration for years to come. Get ready for an energy-packed, pulse-pounding, All The Feels kind of party.

party bands for hire

The sister act to All The Feels Live – this one is all about the ladies. An energetic show with stunning outfits, top-tier female vocalists and all the glitz and glamour of a nightclub atmosphere.

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DJ – Sax – Percussion

Presenting All The Feels Trio: an electrifying combination of DJ, sax, and percussion. A standout choice for those seeking high-energy house music and chart hits – fused with the magic of live musicians.

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The Limelight

The epitome of a luxury show band – perfect for large-scale events! With a repertoire spanning from Dua Lipa to Chaka Khan, this ensemble offers high-end glamour, dance routines and exceptional vocals.

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All the Feels DJ Live

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this versatile line-up delivers a powerhouse of chart-topping tracks. A dynamic combination of DJ, sax, percussion and electric violin, with captivating vocals and even with an interactive dancefloor!

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Glow Violin

A perfect fusion of electric strings and cutting-edge technology. Their performances are enhanced with a fully customizable dress, making them perfect for brand launches, countdowns, and events where visual impact is paramount.

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