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Throwing a Hollywood Glamour Party

Hoping your next party is one to remember? Hollywood glamour is a fantastic theme for an array of reasons. It’s a chance to dress to the nines, but as a theme, it also offers a lot of leeway. For instance, you could pay homage to the classic silver screen or lean into a more modern interpretation. At All the Feels, we know what it takes to throw a glitzy, high-energy bash – so if you need inspiration, take a look at our guide to the ultimate Hollywood glamour party.

Dress Code

A Hollywood glamour party means your guests should be dressed to impress. If Old Hollywood is more your style, this could include flapper dresses, feather boas and cigarette holders or vintage-style suits with fedoras and suspenders. Alternatively, you could ask your guests to pay tribute to iconic red carpet looks (just make sure there aren’t ten Lady Gaga meat ensembles or Bjork swan dresses!).

Some party hosts take their Hollywood glamour parties to the next level by specifying a colour palette. Common examples include ‘black and white’ or Oscars-style gold. These types of parameters may help guests settle on what to wear – but black tie and sparkly formalwear will absolutely meet the brief if you want to keep things relatively simple.

dress code for Hollywood glamour themed party


Finding a venue that matches your party idea should be relatively easy, but your decor must support the theme. Of course, a red carpet entrance is indispensable. Throw in a backdrop where a photographer captures arrivals as they pose for the camera. This would not only help cultivate the perfect atmosphere, but it also provides fun mementoes that your guests will appreciate – especially if they went all-out creating a stunning look for the occasion. 

You can have lots of fun deciding on interior decor for your party. Will you opt for a giant “Hollywood” sign or focus on gold star motifs? Gold star place markers with your guest’s names emblazoned on them are a nice touch, for example. After all, who doesn’t want to be a star even if it’s just for the evening?

Dominant black with pops of white and gold is a great choice for a colour scheme and will lend itself well to additional flourishes like strings of faux pearls or arrangements of white ostrich feathers. Of course, you could go for deep red instead of black which simply screams Hollywood glamour and opulence. Keep the lighting warm and muted, but do remember to have a spotlight handy, so that you can shine on the stars of the evening during any key moments. 

Music and Performances

Your guests will be thrilled to see some real star quality showcased in live performances. Host a mock awards ceremony supported by a live band to honour special guests or bring on a troupe of performers to dazzle your “star-studded” audience. 

Timing the atmosphere created by your music requires thought and attention to detail. Meeting, greeting and mingling will naturally be a big part of your event, so provide ambience with a jazz band or string quartet to highlight the sophisticated atmosphere. 

live band for Hollywood glamour themed party

With so many fabulous people gathered you’ll want to see them taking to the dance floor as the evening progresses. Gradually up the ante towards live music or DJs who get your guests’ feet tapping and bodies swaying to the rhythm until they become the centre of the action. But dancing isn’t the only entertainment on offer. Get creative with a few activities your guests won’t be able to resist. 


Give your guests plenty of opportunities to be captured by the “paparazzi.” Cardboard cutouts of the stars offer them a fun way to get photographed with their favourite celebs. A limousine parked at the start of the red carpet is sure to be a popular location for that perfect picture. Throw in some props like clapboards, movie camera replicas, directors’ chairs and faux Oscars and let your guests have fun posing for the cameras. After all, this is a party where everybody is Hollywood royalty. 

Other activities can include collecting votes for ‘best dressed’ or asking select guests to “channel” the movie star they came as while other partygoers try to guess who they are. Set a time limit, tot up the scores, and provide an award for movie buffs who got the most correct guesses. 

Food and Drink

If you’re planning a full dinner for your event, a buffet is a tried-and-tested favourite. Consider stocking it with elegant foods like sushi or dessert delicacies such as mini-cheesecakes or chocolate-covered strawberries. Alternatively, if you think light snacks will suffice – the obvious choice is popcorn and other cinema treats.

Champagne is a staple, and serving drinks like sparkling grape juice in champagne flutes will help those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks to remain on theme. Of course, cocktails will be popular, and mocktails provide the look without the kick. Besides the obvious Martinis, your Hollywood-style cocktail menu can include Whiskey Sours, Pink Ladies, Stingers, and Sazeracs. 

Clinking champagne glasses at Hollywood glamour themed party.

Host Your Party With All the Feels

A gorgeous venue, guests dressed up in all their finery, and refreshments galore still don’t make a party. The music and live performances you choose will have a vital role in setting the tone throughout the evening. Your Hollywood glamour party will be unforgettable with All the Feels. Our wide range of talented artists fulfils almost any requirement – and we have plenty of ideas to share while you’re still in the party planning phases. Together, we’ll ensure your Hollywood glamour party gets rave reviews!


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