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The Best Party Themes For Adults

If you thought themed parties were for kid’s birthdays and students, you’re dead wrong! They’re a chance to create some fabulous memories with your nearest and dearest. Want to make sure that your next party makes a memorable impression? Here are some of our favourite party themes:

70s Disco at Studio 54

It’s all about the music – and those who love it. Back in the 70s, Studio 54 became a byword for everything trendy and exclusive. According to Andy Warhol, it was a “dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dancefloor.” If you were lucky, you got to strut your stuff with some of that decade’s brightest stars.

A 70s disco party is a chance to go over-the-top and glamorous while not taking yourself too seriously – think gold lame, platform heels, white suits and hair so big it can reach the heavens. Funnily enough, this decade is bang on trend at the moment – so it’s also something that will appeal to your younger guests.

Decor-wise you’ll want an illuminated dance floor, lights, disco balls, glow-in-the-dark balloons, and a corner for photo ops emblazoned with the number 54 in gold. And in terms of music, it’s time to break out those disco classics with a bit of funk and soul thrown in for good measure.

Studio 54 theme party for adults

Hollywood Glamour

A party inspired by the Silver Screen is always a guaranteed hit. One of the main benefits of this theme is that there are several ways this theme can be interpreted. For instance, some of your guests may be inspired by the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood – think Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or even Charlie Chaplin – whereas others may be drawn to a more contemporary take on the theme.

To bring this theme to life, find a venue that you can deck out with a red carpet or even a Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you’re feeling a tad more ambitious, consider a stage and spotlights to draw attention to the stars of the evening. Activities could include a mock-awards ceremony or paparazzi-themed photography, and for drinks make sure the Martinis are shaken – not stirred!

Want to find out more? Check out our guide to throwing the perfect Hollywood glamour theme party.


What could be more romantic than the Regency? Dressing up is easy. For the gents, black suits are de rigueur. For the ladies, it’s high-waisted floor-length dresses in drifting fabrics. But whatever the dress, it’s the atmosphere that matters most.

You’re seeking an elegant venue and the sweet sound of stringed instruments. A string quartet would be ideal, or a virtuoso performance from a talented violinist would work as well. As for the dances, the romantic waltz is an absolute must. 

In terms of decor, follow regency fashion with bountiful flower arrangements, potted plants, and candles. Deck your tables in white and stock them with elegant canapes served on silver platters and enjoyed on fine china plates.

Las Vegas

Get on your glad rags and let your hair down: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Your guests will have an opportunity to give the glitziest evening wear an airing as they swirl across the dancefloor.

Make the most of your lighting and decor opportunities to build ambience. Card, dice and roulette-themed decor and warm lighting give way to a dance floor where you pull out all the stops. You can also set up your tables with glittering fabrics, muted lighting, bite-sized snacks and carry through the Vegas theme by offering champagne.

A Las Vegas theme is also a fantastic opportunity for some showstopping live acts. Las Vegas has seen it all, so you can either go down a more traditional showgirls theme, surprise and delight your guests with circus performers or deliver thrills with fire-breathers!

Las vegas theme party for adults


Celebrate the best and brightest of the 80s and treat your guests to a fun-filled evening of music and dance. The 80s theme is colourful with neon shades clashing in playful abandon. Pinks, purples, yellows, greens – anything and everything goes, but bubblegum pink and sparkling disco balls are absolute musts.

The infectious rhythms and sounds of the 80s are the obvious accompaniment and your DJ should be well-versed in the decade’s most iconic floorfillers. You can either celebrate classic divas such as Madonna, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper or go down the alternative new-wave route with Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, and Depeche Mode.

An 80s-themed party should also be peak retro – see if you can find a roller rink or somewhere with vintage arcade games to take people back in time. Alternatively, they can fill their boots with retro sweets from Fizzers and Parma Violets to Flying Saucers (which should also match your colour scheme!).

James Bond

Pay homage to a British institution while giving your guests a licence to thrill with their suavest outfits. Create an upmarket cocktail-bar style atmosphere in which dark-suited men mingle with glamorous femme fatales. Let your guests feel like superstars as they strut down the red carpet toward tables bright with glass and silverware. 

Gold is an excellent choice for centrepieces and accents and the smooth sounds of a live jazz band will round off the glamorous atmosphere. Add some Bond and Bond Girl silhouettes, and of course, iconic 007 logos wherever you see fit. Include Casino Royale-style activities such as blackjack or a roulette wheel, and of course, make sure the bar is fully stocked for Martinis and other sumptuous classic cocktails.

Jazz Age

The Roaring Twenties is a tried-and-tested theme, and a Gatsby theme can offer the perfect combination of classic glamour and raucous energy. But if you want to have a more unique spin on the theme – what about a speakeasy-themed party? A Gatsby party is all about Art Deco grandeur, whereas with a speakeasy theme you can go gritty with a gangster-style, semi-industrial urban setting.

Whichever aspect of the Jazz Age you choose for your celebration, the music will be key to creating the perfect atmosphere. Saxophones, trumpets, and brassy piano-playing are must-have accompaniments as your guests try their hand at the foxtrot or the charleston.

Whether you’re going for a high society or gangster chic theme, ostrich feathers are decor basics you won’t want to do without. And although the whiskey and mint juleps will be popular, you can please teetotal guests with milkshakes and mocktails without departing from your party theme. 

Great Gatsby Jazz Age theme party for adults

Middle Earth Mystery

Take your guests into a world of fantasy with your Middle Earth-themed party. Let your hobbits, elves, and wizards assemble among strings of fairy lights or create indoor “forest grottoes” for photo opportunities. Serve drinks in crystal goblets or “potion bottles” against a backdrop of fantasy scenes and magic-inspired mood lighting. In terms of music, what could be more perfect than our Luminous Strings Harp to create magical moods and moments?

Alternatively, if a Shire theme feels like a better fit – you can get the beer flowing in flagons while a roaming band plays folksy crowd-pleasers for a merry atmosphere. A country pub garden would be the perfect setting, and since Hobbits are known for their appetite, a hearty group meal such as a hog roast would be a perfect addition to the evening.

Regal Garden Party

Want to slow things down a little? An elegant summer garden party could be the perfect theme. While this theme is much more weather-dependent than the others, there aren’t many better ways to celebrate the sunshine. Choose an attractive garden setting and a select guest list and you’ll have everything you need to make this party idea work for you.

Traditionally, with a summer garden party you might expect crisp white linens, afternoon tea, white spritzers and usually a jug of Pimms. If you want to take things one step further, how about a game of croquet with a backdrop of soft jazz or classical music? The end result is a simple but splendid afternoon where your guests can relax and socialise.

Whatever Your Inspiration, Let it Have All the Feels

Whether your vision for your event – understated traditional elegance, all-out glamour or freewheeling fun – All the Feels offers talented musicians and performers of almost any kind to make it happen. We’re ready to make special moments to delight you and your guests and can’t wait to hear about your plans and ideas. Contact us today to get the party started.


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